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Charlotte, North Carolina, Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

North Carolina Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

At The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., we understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to file for personal bankruptcy. But if your creditors keep calling you, if debt collectors harass you on the phone or at the door, and if bills have stacked up to the point where you don't think you can ever catch up, it may be time to do something about it.

We also understand the difficulties you may be experiencing if a serious illness, impairment or medical condition prevents you from working for a year or more. We can help you obtain the Social Security Disability benefits you require.

If you're interested in filing for bankruptcy and would like to speak with a North Carolina personal bankruptcy lawyer or if you need assistance from a Charlotte Social Security Disability attorney, contact us today.

Your creditors may warn you against filing for personal bankruptcy, but they are only looking out for their own self-interests: You can file today and set out on your path toward financial recovery and freedom.

The process of obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income can be complex and time consuming. Our skilled attorneys can ensure you move through the process as seamlessly as possible.

We Have the Experience and Compassion to Help You

At The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., we have helped thousands of clients in situations just like yours. Whether you're facing foreclosure or are about to have your car repossessed, we can put an immediate stop to all of your creditors' attempts to collect. We handle cases in many areas of bankruptcy law and consumer debt, including:

When the bankruptcy court issues a final settlement determining how your consumer debt will be discharged, we'll be there making sure the decision is fair and in your best interest. We also provide services after your bankruptcy has settled to make sure you keep your financial life in order.

We Understand How the System Works

The Social Security Disability system can be difficult to navigate on your own. Our skilled attorneys can ensure that all of your questions are answered, your paperwork is filled out correctly and your medical impairments are documented accurately. We strive to resolve your benefits claim in as timely a manner as possible.

We Will Stand by Your Side

We understand that bankruptcy or being disabled is a stressful, confusing and often scary process. At The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., we will stand by your side throughout all the proceedings so that you understand exactly what's happening and why at all times. When you learn a little bit about how bankruptcy or the SSD system works, you'll find the process is much less scary than you might initially have thought.

Are you seeking debt relief? Do you need guidance in obtaining SSD or SSI benefits? To schedule a free initial consultation, you can contact The Cummings Law Firm, P.A., online or call (704)512-0697.

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